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Composite Structure Diagrams



Composite Structure Diagrams


Sale and BrokeredSale  Example

This example shows the definition of two collaborations, Sale and BrokeredSale. Sale is used twice as part of the definition of BrokeredSale. Sale is a collaboration among two roles, a seller and a buyer. An interaction, or other behavior specification, could be attached to Sale to specify the steps involved in making a Sale.

BrokeredSale is a collaboration among three roles, a producer, a broker, and a consumer. The specification of BrokeredSale shows that it consists of two occurrences of the Sale collaboration, indicated by the dashed ellipses. The occurrence wholesale indicates a Sale in which the producer is the seller and the broker is the buyer. The occurrence retail indicates a Sale in which the broker is the seller and the consumer is the buyer. The connectors between sellers and buyers are not shown in the two occurrences; these connectors are implicit in the BrokeredSale collaboration in virtue of them being comprised of Sale. The BrokeredSale collaboration could itself be used as part of a larger collaboration.

The BrokeredSale collaboration

A subset of the BrokeredSale collaboration

Structured Classes


A part is shown by graphical nesting of a box symbol with a solid outline representing the part within the symbol representing the containing classifier in a separate compartment. A property specifying an instance that is not owned by composition by the instance of the containing classifier is shown by graphical nesting of a box symbol with a dashed outline.

Composite Structure of Components

Example of a composite structure of components, with connector wiring between provided and required interfaces of parts (Note: “Client” interface is a subtype of “Person”). The wiring of components can be represented on structure diagrams by means of classifiers and dependencies between them (Note: the ball-and-socket notation above may be used as a notation option for dependency based wiring). On composite structure diagrams, detailed wiring can be performed at the role or instance level by defining parts and connectors.